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PACT Introduction

The PACT course is designed to promote one's comfort and ability in using technology to teach, to communicate with students and parents, and to be more efficient in administrative tasks.

The course covers management tools, introduces peer lesson plans and explores more effective use of the Internet. Participants are expected to create and implement a lesson plan on the alternate weeks that class is not in session.

  • Outcomes

    • Teachers will use technology as a tool to assist in accomplishing their tasks.

    • Teachers will use technology to enhance and expand their lessons.

    • Teachers will help students use technology skills to learn effectively.

    • Syllabus Faculty Enrichment Syllabus.doc

    • Administrative Uses of the Computer

      • Communications

      • Email

      • Letters to Parents

      • Progress Reports

      • Newsletters

      • Test Design

      • Grade Books

      • Plan Books

    • Using Technology in Lessons

      • Discuss the Standards

      • Present a variety of lessons that show the incorporations of the Standards

      • Prepare lesson plans using the examples or creating their own around each of the areas covered by the standards (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Research and Communication, and Multimedia)

      • Brainstorm ways to effectively use software that the school has already purchased.

    • The Internet

      • Go over ways to do an efficient search

      • Discuss tools for teachers on the Internet and surf through some of them

      • Discuss websites for children and look through them

      • Discuss ethical issues around the use of the Internet

      • WebQuests and Scavenger Hunts

      • Acceptable Usage Policy

    • Miscellaneous

      • Files, saving to various places

      • Brief explanation of Hardware

  • Contributors

    • The PACT program directors

    • Teachers who have or are working in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia from 2003 through 2009.